Why Are DXRacer Chairs So Expensive?

Why Are DXRacer Chairs So Expensive

DXRacer chairs are one of the best gaming chairs on the market. Apart from being one of the most in-demand chairs, it is used by popular social media personalities, YouTubers, and pro gamers. Perhaps, you have been looking to get one of DXRacer chairs for yourself but you were held back by its exorbitant price.

You may be wondering why DXRacer chairs are expensive on the market. High-quality gaming chairs aren’t made with cheap material, so you may not get them at a low price. If you want to buy a top-quality chair that is comfortable and ergonomic, you may spend a lot of money.

Before buying any gaming chair, it is a good idea to know about the brands you are buying from. DXRacer is one of the brands that prides itself in the production and sales of gaming chairs and desk chairs. Over time, their products have earned positive reviews and feedback from users majorly due to their durability, features, and comfortable materials used in their construction.

DXRacer chairs offer great features such as adjustable cushioning, and ergonomic design, and are suitable for racing games. You may be wondering if it’s a good idea to purchase your next gaming chair from DXRacer because their prices are expensive.

In this post, we will look at DXRacer chairs, what they offer, and if it is worth the price.

About DXRacer

DXRacer is the company behind the production of DXRacer chairs in Whitmore Lake, Michigan. Apart from the Michigan office, they have another showroom in Ontario, Canada. The company primarily produces and sells gaming chairs but in recent years, they have expanded and added other products such as high-back office chairs, desks, and chair accessories.

DXRacer offers free shipping within the United States (except for Hawaii or Alaska). It doesn’t directly ship or deliver its products overseas, it has a list of trusted international distributors and retailers for clients in other countries. However, you may not find a lot of retailers in countries in Africa and South America.

Who Are DXRacer Chairs Made For?

DXRacer products are designed for adults, including gamers, freelancers, music producers, YouTubers, video editors, and people whose job requires prolonged sitting. More than 90% of DXRacer chairs come with adjustable and ergonomic features, which ensure evenly distribution of the user’s weight and reduce the risk of muscle strain during work and gaming sessions.

DXRacer chairs are available in a variety of colors and there are a few chairs with a more professional, polished look but they are available in darker colors. Essentially, you must check for the best color that matches the settings of your home, office, or workplace.

How Much Do DXRacer Chairs Cost?

The prices of DXRacer chairs vary from $250 to nearly $900. You should expect the price of the higher-end to be more due to the use of top-notch materials and additional features. Some of the cheapest DXRacer chairs come with features such as tilt functionality and compression-resistant molded foam inners.

The biggest difference between the expensive DXRacer and the budget models is that the former often comes with top features like 4D armrests while the latter provides a more limited range of armrest movement. Some models allow the user to recline completely flat. Regardless, of the feature or functionality, your selection comes down to your personal preferences.

DXRacer chairs are unique and you can easily differentiate them from other models. It has over 17 different video game-designed chairs and others, which are made for use in simulators. There’s an option to fully customize a specific gaming chair to your exact specifications; however, this model is currently not available.

How Do DXRacer Chairs Compare?

Comparing the comfort of two or more chairs precisely is not an easy task. However, we know for sure that DXRacer uses foam padding in their products and their chairs are ergonomically designed to help you stay comfortable every time.

Furthermore, they offer more color options than their competitors to help you find a chair that matches your specifications. In terms of price, there isn’t much difference between DXRacer chairs and those of other brands on the market.

DXRacer has products suitable for any budget or price. You should expect better quality from a product with a higher price tag. If you are looking for a chair with a particular color in mind, you should check out DXRacer models.

How Long Does DXRacer Product Last?

DXRacer’s chairs are durable and can be used for years without wear and tear. A high-quality gaming chair or desk chair from DXRacer will last for five years or more before the foams, frames, and cover material start depreciating.

If you don’t use the chair every day, it might probably last beyond five years. Also, you don’t have to dump your chair because the cushion has started falling apart. The chair can still be good enough for a few more months but if the chair becomes uncomfortable and does not accommodate your body as it used to, then it’s time to start searching for a new chair.

Do DXRacer Chairs Help Your Back?

DXRacer makes high-resilience chairs across all its models. Whether you are looking for a gaming chair, desk chair, business chair, ergonomic chair, or an average chair, you’ll find one that supports your body posture.

Typically, gaming and ergonomic chairs are the most stable and comfortable for the body. DXRacer gaming chairs are comfortable, and durable and have shown the ability to last for long years of use. Features such as headrests, backrests, and armrests are great for long-term body fitness.

It is worth informing you that your emotions, respiration, mobility, and rigidity in your joints can be impacted by poor posture. Therefore, it is recommended to get a decent DXRacer Chair to enhance your posture.

Does DXRacer Have a Return Policy?

DXRacer provides aftersale support to clients and customers. After buying a DXRacer chair, you have 30 days (one month) to return it unopened for a refund. If it’s sealed, you will get a full refund. However, you are liable for the cost of return shipping. If you like the chair, why would you return it unopened?

Let’s say you love the chair you purchased but it came with a fault. In cases like this, you can use the DXRacer 2-year warranty. This warranty policy covers all factory defects but is not limited to issues in the upholstery, damaged gas cylinders, broken mechanisms, and damaged plastic components.  Better still, this policy covers the product for two years in your possession.

Is DXRacer Worth The Investment?

As of 2001 when DXRacer started, they began with vehicle seats. They didn’t produce office chairs or gaming chairs until 2006. After two decades in the business, they have a long list of excellent products, a variety of models, and thousands of happy customers.

Due to their experience in manufacturing car seats, their gaming chairs are among the best in the industry. Moreover, they have resellers and distributors across several continents. DXRacer has sponsored many sports competitions around the world such as ElevateGG, WE, SF Shock, Valorant, StarsWar, EDG, NRG, WCG, NEST, ESL, ESWC, ECS, LCK, LPL, MLG, and MDL.

DXRacer ensures its products are of high quality and they haven’t compromised its standards. To have a good name they wouldn’t want to soil their reputation.

Here what’s makes DXRacer stand out from other desk and gaming chair manufacturers:

  • DXRacer chairs are made using high-quality materials.
  • Their chairs are available in different colors, fabric, or leather quality.
  • They have a wide array of products to suit your needs.
  • They produce different chair accessories.
  • Their chairs are ergonomically designed for gamers or professionals who spend lengthy hours sitting.
  • Regardless of your body composition, you will a DXRacer chair for your body type.

People who spend several hours sitting in front of the computer screen find comfort in DXRacer chairs. DXRacer’s products are reliable and ergonomic, they cater to the comfort of their users.

8 Reasons Why DXRacer Chairs Are Expensive

Below are some of the reasons why DXRacer products are expensive.

1. Cover Material

The most expensive material used to construct a chair cover is high-resilient leather or fabric. The reason why this material is costly is that it is strong and more durable. Most DXRacer chairs are constructed using this material and this makes them expensive.

Cover materials such as urethane are cheap but they don’t last long so you won’t find them in high-end gaming chairs from DXRacer.

2. High-Quality Cushion

DXRacer chairs are convenient and comfortable to use, they provide more cushioning and last longer than chairs from other manufacturers. As manufacturers use more raw materials and components to improve the comfortability and durability of their chairs, it increases the cost of production, which also inflates the price of the chair itself.

3. Durability

If you are in a video game contest, you might be unstable and you would find yourself tilting backward, forward, or in any direction. This movement can be hard on low-budget and cheap-quality chairs and since they are made with low-quality materials, they get damaged quickly.

On the other hand, DXRacer chairs are known for their durability. Their chairs aren’t made using low-budget materials and so, they are not easy to break. DXRacer chairs feature high-quality fabrics, leather, and other accessories that make the chair last longer for years to come.

4. Ergonomic Composition

An ergonomic chair supports the body and helps reduce discomfort and fatigue in the muscles. By using an ergonomic chair from DXRacer, your muscles become more relaxed and strengthened, and this makes it less susceptible to fatigue.

Moreover, DXRacer chairs provide a thick cushion to prevent your body from having direct contact with the metal framework of the chair. This prevents the likelihood of lower back pain along with other postural problems.

Some DXRacer chairs that feature the V-shape in the cushioning keep you balanced on the cushion’s rear and help guide your legs.

5 Adjustability

One of the impressive features of gaming chairs is that they are adjustable. High-end gaming chairs come with many paddles that help adjust other components of the chair. The DXRacer chair, for instance, comes with additional parts to make sure every other part of the chair works fine. It helps you maintain a proper posture and makes you feel comfortably seated, even for several hours.

Some of the adjustable features you will find on the DXRacer chair include the backers, gas cylinders, and armrests. There are two ways to adjust the width and height of the armrest. One of the ways to do that is to move the arm upward or downward. The other way to adjust it is from the sides.

Furthermore, DXRacer chairs come with reclining bucket seats that tilt to an angle as low as 130 degrees. This is done to increase back support of the user.

By the time the user leans back on the backrest (which offers back support), the pressure is transferred from the pelvic body area to the backrest and evenly distributed to other areas. Thanks to this feature provided by the chair, the user’s spinal bones will not wear out or hurt in the long run.

6. Stability

You can have increased mobility using a gaming chair with wheels. As a general rule of thumb, you need to know the stability of the chair and how it retains its structure while you move around on it. One of the underrating features found in various models of the DXRacer chairs is its stability.

7. Competence

While many may argue that DXRacer racing chairs are among the most expensive on the market, it is easier to see why this is so. The DXRacer racing chair comes with a brake foot pedal, tiller (steering wheel), and an accelerator pedal to give you the real experience of driving a race car.

DXRacer chairs have proven to be competent, that is, they are suitable for the purpose or task you are buying them for.

8. Extra Features

The price of a DXRacer gaming chair is likely to increase when it offers more features and functionalities than others. There is a lot of advancement in tech today and you can find gaming chairs with Bluetooth speakers and a built-in microphone, USB support, and LED lights.

You could also spot gaming chairs with built-in video game controllers. You won’t find these features in every random gaming chair.


DXRacer produces some of the best desk, office, and gaming chairs. If you want to invest in a quality chair that will be comfortable and durable, you can check out the models available in their store. With DXRacer, you can never go wrong.

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