What Gaming Chair Does Ninja Use?

What Gaming Chair Does Ninja Use

Almost every amateur gamer aspires to be like Ninja. As a famous gamer, Ninja boasts over 16 million followers on Twitch, which makes him the most popular gamer on the platform. Also, he has been spotted with famous celebrities like Marshmello and Canadian rapper, Drake.

As a professional gamer, you want your gaming setup or hub to feature the best gaming gear and accessories.

Have you ever tried finding what gaming chair Ninja uses? Ninja uses a customized Maxnomic gaming chair, which was produced by NeedForSeat. He has also used gaming chairs produced by other manufacturers such as DXRacer, AKracing, and Techni in different gaming contests and tournaments. During his early years as a streamer on YouTube and Twitch, Ninja used standard office chairs but has now adopted the Maxnomic Ninja chair.

It is a rule of thumb that using a high-quality gaming chair can help increase your productivity as a gamer. Every successful gamer or streamer, including Ninja and Shroud, uses gaming chairs. These chairs may be pricey but they are worth the investment in the long run.

Most gamers know this and are interested in using not just any random gaming accessories but the same equipment used by top professional gamers. This trend for gaming chairs, equipment, and accessories doesn’t look to wane anytime soon.

In this article, you will get to learn about the gaming chair used by one of the world’s best gamers. Before we talk about the features, specifications, pros & cons, and other essential details of the chair, it’s important to start by knowing Ninja.

Who Is Ninja?

Ninja Blevins is a talented gamer and steamer based in the United States. Watching his streams and gameplay, you can easily tell he is highly skilled. However, he didn’t start today. Ninja ventured into professional gaming in 2019 by playing Halo 3.

He didn’t stop there, he honed his skills and joined different gaming platforms and communities, including Twitch TV. Additionally, he tried out various games, including H1Z1 and the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

The skill and experience he built over time made him one of the most famous and leading gaming streamers in the world. Today, Ninja has millions of followers on YouTube, Twitch, and other internet-based platforms.

He has an exclusive contract with NeedForSeat and Maxnomic, and he uses their product from time to time. The Maxnomic Dominator and the Maxnomic Pro come with impressive features; they are highly adjustable and they come in a variety of colors and designs.

What Gaming Chair Does Ninja Use?

As mentioned, Ninja has used many gaming chairs since his entry into the gaming industry. Currently, he uses the Maxnomic Dominator and NeedForSeat Maxnomic Dominator gaming chair. He signed an endorsement deal with the company, which makes him an ambassador.

What is a Gaming Chair?

What is a gaming chair? What makes gaming chairs different from office chairs and other regular chairs?

If you can’t seem to understand the buzz around gaming chairs, I am sure you have these questions running through your mind.

A gaming chair is a type of chair designed to provide comfort and support for people who stay seated for a lengthy period. These chairs are suitable for people who stay transfixed on a chair’s seat for many hours. If your job requires you to sit for extended periods, you will need a gaming chair.

Gaming chairs feature a racing bucket-seat appearance, they are adjustable and they make you stay comfortable. They can be adjusted to make the user completely laid back. The lumbar support and armrests can be adjusted to fit the user’s preferences. Thankfully, this type of office chair ensures that the person seated on it remains comfortable for as long as possible without feeling hurt, tired, or uncomfortable.

You might get some of these features from high-end office chairs. However, the major difference is the extra adjustability offered by gaming chairs. Gaming chairs stand out, thanks to their remarkable design and colors.

Not everyone considers colors, aesthetics, and design as important factors when picking a chair but in the gaming world, design and colors play a big role. Ideally, streamers want a chair that matches their room or setup. In like manner, professional gamers want a bright gaming chair that is easily noticeable.

What Are The Benefits of Using a Gaming Chair?

Gaming chairs spot a glamorous design and they are designed to make you feel comfortable. Normally, when you are seated in one position for many hours, your body and its muscles can be affected. A bad sitting posture can cause heart problems as well as chronic back pains and muscle injuries.

Luckily for you, gaming chairs help maintain good posture while sitting. They support the muscles in your back and reduce the likelihood of bad posture and back pain. By maintaining good posture while seated, your body organs get to supply blood evenly to all parts of the money. The improvement in blood circulation has other benefits, including preventing future heart and health issues.

An added benefit of gaming chairs is they are not bulky. Gaming chairs are known for their efficiency. If you are low on space or if your room isn’t spacious, gaming chairs are easily assembled, they can be folded and transported easily. Their portability makes it easy for users to carry them around and they can fit any room size.

Although gaming chairs will not make you a pro gamer overnight, they will keep you relaxed and comfortable, and this enhances your productivity. By using a gaming chair, you won’t worry about back pain and other issues but rather stay focused on your gameplay.

The Maxnomic Gaming Chair

What Chair Does Ninja Use

There are some impressive features to note about the Maxnomic Gaming Chairs. First, the chair is built with an adjustable backrest for lumbar support, which comes with a knob that can be used to set and adjust different levels of pressure exerted from the backrest. The chair’s armrests also have adjustable widths, heights, tilt angles, and positioning.

The seat is capable of tilting forward 7 degrees and reclining 49 degrees. Apart from the tilting and recline range, this Maxnomic chair boasts five different seat tilt positions, and when combined with the seat back adjustability, you can set this chair in different positions and stay comfortably seated.

You can get the Maxnomic gaming chair on a budget of around $500 to $700. Another amazing feature of this chair it comes with all the whistles and bells that top gamers like Ninja use to stream and play video games.

Ninja’s Maxnomic chair features a custom design. Ninja’s chair depicts his logo and preferences. You can order a custom design but this will likely affect the cost of the chair.

What Makes Ninja Gaming Chair Stand Out From Other Gaming Chairs?

The Maxnomic Dominator and Maxnomic Pro are racing-style chairs with a myriad of unique features. Below are some of the reasons why Ninja picked the Maxnomic chair over other gaming chairs on the market.

1. Ergonomic and Adjustable Design

Both the Maxnomic Dominator and Maxnomic Pro are feature an ergonomic design and highly adjustable. Thankfully, these chairs are designed to fit the spine’s natural curvature, which in turn, offers better comfort to users.

If you are keen on getting a Maxnomic gaming chair, you’d expect to see some adjustable components such as height, tilt, seat depth, and armrest.

2. Optimal Comfort

The Maxnomic gaming chairs Ninja uses are designed to provide increased comfort to users. Sitting in one position for many hours can strain your muscles, which will result in body pain and fatigue.

Amazingly, the Maxnomic Pro and Maxnomic Dominator gaming chairs are covered with high-quality PU leather for comfort. They also come with moldable cold-cured foam, which is constructed inside the cushions.

The seat bottoms of both chairs feature seat bolsters for increased stability. Additionally, the bases are well-designed and durable. These gaming chairs have different height adjustments for users. If you are looking for a gaming chair for tall people, you will find this chair attractive not just because of the design but because of the support it provides for your height and body posture.

Every Maxnomic chair you buy comes with a free headrest pillow and a free lumber support pillow. Expect to get these freebies when you buy a new Maxnomic gaming chair. But if you are buying a used one, we advise you to request proof of authenticity.

If you are looking for a gaming chair designed to resist body heat, you may have to check out the Herman Miller Aeron Gaming Chair. In fact, this is Shroud’s gaming chair and it is also used by popular Twitch streamers and pro gamers.

3. Advanced Armrests

Sitting on a chair without armrests for an extended period can adversely affect your shoulder and other muscles. If you are looking for a gaming chair on the market, one of the features you should be looking at would be the armrests it provides.

Ninja’s gaming chair features modern 4D armrests, which means they can be adjusted to the level or extent you want them to be. In other words, the length, height, and other measurements of the armrests can be set to any position you prefer.

Another feature we found in Ninja’s gaming chair is the finger rests. Apart from your hands, your fingers and armrests play an important role in the game’s performance. This functionality helps keep your arms, shoulders, fingers, and hands-free from fatigue.

4. Back Support System

Ninja Gaming Chair

It is also important to note that the Maxnomic gaming chairs care for your back. If you are very conscious of your back or you are looking for a chair with back support, this chair is well-built with a modern, improved back support system.

The back or lumber support is fully adjustable, which means you can increase or reduce the pressure based on how comfortable it is.

As we mentioned, sitting on any chair for long hours has bad effects on your backbone. Fortunately, this chair provides an advanced back support system that eliminates and reduces any chances or likelihood of backbone problems.

5. Posture Adjustment

Apart from the health of your backbone, another thing you need to consider when buying any chair is the posture it provides while sitting on it. The components of the Maxnomic Pro and Maxnomic Dominator are adjustable, meaning that they can be set to meet the needs of your body posture.

The reclining feature lets you get enough relaxing posture for you to rest while you are fully seated on it. This chair has the ability to recline up to 49 degrees and you can tilt the chair in five different positions. All of these features further add to the comfortability and convenience provided by Ninja’s gaming chair.

Can you enjoy your drinkables and eatables while sitting on it?

You can have your beverage drinks, snacks, and meals while using this chair.

6. Strength of Base

One of the features all low-quality gaming chairs share in common is a weak base. When hunting for a gaming chair, don’t be in haste to buy a cheap gaming chair because its base may be constructed with unreliable or fragile materials. This causes the chairs to break or wear and tear quickly.

Unlike these chairs, the Maxnomic Pro and Maxnomic Dominator do not have any issues with their base. The base of both chairs is made with aluminum, which is a durable, and high-quality material to use in any product.

If your current gaming chair is having issues with its base, with Ninja’s chair, you won’t worry about the occurrence of this problem.

7. Multiple Design Choices and Custom Embroidery

All Maxnomic gaming chairs are designed in a variety of colors that suit the taste and preferences of any streamer and gamer. The designs of these chairs are modern and beautiful to behold, and they will match the setting or arrangement of your room or office.

Ninja’s gaming chair features a custom design, which has his logo and identity on it. You can let the company customize your own chair by creating the embroidery you want on the chair’s seatback. If you don’t want people to easily know the type of chair you want your chair to stand out from other streamers, gamers, and YouTubers, you can have your chair embroidered but it is going to cost you some money.

8. Durability

There is no doubt the Maxnomic chair will be durable and long-lasting. The company used aluminum in making the metallic parts of the chair, which makes it highly resistant to corrosion and wear and tear. Ninja’s gaming chair is incredibly durable, and that is good news for people who are looking to get a chair that lasts for many years of use. Moreover, the manufacturer offers a two-year warranty to clients.

9. Price

Both Maxnomic Pro and Maxnomic Dominator are competitively priced when compared with other top-notch gaming chairs on the market. Looking at the features they offer and the durable materials used in their construction, it is safe to say the chair is not expensive.

You can get Ninja’s gaming chair for $500. If you are looking to have some customized embroidery on it, you may need to have a budget of over $800.

Is Ninja’s Chair Worth It?

Now that you know the gaming chair Ninja uses, you may want to know if the chair is worth the money. NeedforSeat, the manufacturer of Ninja’s chair isn’t a new company. In fact, they started in 2006 and have been around for more than a decade. NeedforSeat is one of the top gaming chair manufacturers right now and they have products for all gamers and streamers.

I have seen top Twitch streamers and YouTubers using gaming chairs from NeedforSeat. Also, their chairs have been used by many gamers in eSport tournaments and competitions. I personally use the Maxnomic Pro and Maxnomic Quadcerptor OFC and I am extremely pleased with the quality of both chairs.

We have talked about the features and benefits of NeedforSeat’s Maxnomic chairs. The disadvantages are that not everyone can afford it and we would have loved to see more color options. Nevertheless, the chair justifies its price tag of $499. If you are a full-time gamer, streamer, video editor, YouTuber, or person who spends at least eight hours daily sitting or working, you will need a NeedforSeat gaming chair.

The comfort of their chairs will surely improve your workflow and enhance your productivity. If it is too pricey for you, you may need to have a look at budget gaming chairs that also provide similar support, adjustability, and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are gaming chairs only designed for gaming or can I use them for other activities?

Gaming chairs are made for virtually any work that is done in front of a PC, or computer, or any work that requires you to be seated for a long period of time, including office work, programming, accounting, video editing, animation, streaming, etc.

They are designed to keep you comfortable for as long as you remain seated on them. The reason why they are called gaming chairs is that gamers spend a considerable amount of time in front of their screen. Some gamers spend up to 16 hours a day playing video games, so these chairs will stay comfortable, and will reduce fatigue and body strain.

How long do gaming chairs last?

The average lifespan of a gaming chair is between three to five years. However, some chairs are known to last beyond that duration when they are properly used and maintained.

How much weight can a gaming chair hold?

The amount of weight will vary depending on the gaming chair in question. On average, gaming chairs can hold up to 300lbs. The larger the chair, the more weight it is designed to hold. Brands like NeedforSeat and DXRacer are known to use sturdy metal bases to let their chairs handle larger weights.

What is the cheapest Maxnomic gaming chair?

The cheapest Maxnomic gaming chair is the Maxnomic Thunderbolt. This chair is available in different colors and sizes, and you can get it for under $300.

What gaming monitor does Ninja use?

Apart from gaming chairs, you may want to know about other accessories used by Ninja. Ninja uses the Alienware AW2528H gaming monitor.

What gaming keyboard does Ninja use?

Ninja uses the Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire gaming keyboard, which is one of the best gaming keyboards on the market.


If you are a fan of Ninja, you would be curious to know the gaming chair and gear Ninja uses. Ninja’s gaming chair is the Maxnomic Dominator chair, so if you are searching for high-end gaming chairs, you may consider using this chair.

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