Warframe Player Count

Warframe Player Count

Since its release in March 2013, Warframe has carved out a distinct niche in the world of online multiplayer games, distinguishing itself with its unique blend of third-person shooter and intricate RPG elements set against a sprawling sci-fi backdrop.

Over the decade, this free-to-play action role-playing game has captivated players with its endless gameplay, rich storyline, and dynamic game modes. Developed by Digital Extremes, Warframe is known for its intense gameplay, diverse arsenal, and regular updates that have significantly expanded its content and reach.

Initially launched on PC, it has since broadened its horizon to include all gaming consoles, consistently enhancing the gaming experience with new weapons, missions, and features.

As we assess the current standing of Warframe, the player count becomes a crucial metric, offering insights into the game’s popularity and player engagement. With an impressive daily player average of 136,593 and a peak concurrent player count of 70,786 across platforms like PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, Warframe’s performance in the competitive gaming landscape is noteworthy.

This article aims to delve deeper into the Warframe player count.

How Many People Are Playing World of Warframe?

Digital Extremes, the developer of Warframe, typically keeps its player count data private, but through external sources, we can gauge the game’s popularity.

Currently, Warframe boasts a concurrent player count of 86,575 according to ActivePlayer.io. This figure is a testament to the game’s enduring appeal, especially when considering its all-time peak of 181,509 players on SteamCharts.

The level of dedication from the Warframe community is further evident in the total gameplay hours, which have surpassed a staggering 1.3 billion. Moreover, the game’s reach extends to over 60 million registered players worldwide, illustrating its massive and diverse player base.

Warframe’s success is not just measured in numbers but also in recognition. This free-to-play action RPG shooter has been honored with several awards, including the “Labor of Love Award” at The Steam Awards in 2017, “Best Sound Design” at the 2019 Webby Awards, and multiple wins in the “Action Game” category at various editions of the Webby Awards. These accolades reflect Warframe’s quality, innovation, and the strong connection it has forged with its players.

About Warframe

How Many People Are Playing Warframe Right Now

Warframe, a standout creation from Digital Extremes, is an action-packed, free-to-play, third-person RPG multiplayer game that has garnered a strong following since its inception.

Launched in March 2013, the game initially graced Windows PCs before expanding to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and later the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. In 2022, Warframe elevated its accessibility with support for cross-platform play, and plans are afoot to extend to mobile devices in early 2024.

Set in a futuristic universe, players in Warframe step into the armored suits of the Tenno, a race of ancient warriors, awakening from centuries of suspended animation to find themselves entangled in a galactic war across the Origin System.

The game is renowned for its dynamic blend of cooperative gameplay, extensive customization, and an evolving narrative, offering a unique experience amongst its contemporaries like Destiny 2 and The Division. Warframe distinguishes itself with a versatile combat system, incorporating elements of shooting, melee, and parkour, allowing players to strategically advance their characters.

This ever-evolving universe is marked by procedurally generated levels, expansive open-world areas, and specific story-driven missions, catering to a diverse range of playstyles and strategies.

The game supports both player-versus-environment and player-versus-player elements and is sustained through a model that allows for microtransactions as well as in-game progression through grinding.

The genesis of Warframe can be traced back to 2000, with initial ideas forming the basis for the later-released game, ‘Dark Sector’. The success of free-to-play models inspired Digital Extremes to revisit their earlier concepts, culminating in the creation of Warframe.

Despite early challenges with moderate reviews and low player counts, Warframe has experienced remarkable growth, reaching nearly 50 million registered players by 2019 and establishing itself as one of Digital Extremes’ most successful titles.

With over 60 million registered players and counting, frequent updates, and a dedicated player base, Warframe continues to be a compelling choice for gamers seeking an action RPG with depth, complexity, and an immersive sci-fi setting.


Warframe, a dynamic online action game, combines elements of shooters, RPGs, and stealth into a rich gaming experience.

Players begin as a members of the Tenno, ancient warriors awakened from centuries of cryosleep, and control a biomechanical combat unit known as a ‘Warframe.’ These Warframes, characterized by supernatural agility and special abilities, serve as the player’s avatar in the game.

At the start, players are equipped with basic weaponry and an ‘Orbiter,’ a spacecraft with an AI named ‘Ordis.’

The primary goal is to explore the Origin System, engaging in various missions and battles. As the game progresses, players unlock the ability to control the ‘Operator,’ the true physical form of the Tenno, capable of manifesting outside the Warframe and using unique abilities.

Players can also Transference into ‘Necramechs,’ larger mechanical combat units, and use ‘Archwings’ for space-bound combat. These elements come with their specialized weapons and abilities, distinct from those of the Warframes.

warframe player count all platforms

The game introduced ‘Railjack’ in 2019, a cooperative space combat experience where players pilot and manage a combat vessel.

Missions are selected from the Orbiter’s console, with players needing to complete specific tasks at Junctions to travel to new planets. The game’s universe is dynamic, featuring time-rotating missions with special rewards and community challenges.

The Orbiter also serves as a hub for managing equipment, crafting new items, and accessing the in-game store.

Warframe missions have varied objectives, such as extermination, espionage, rescue, or defense, and can be played solo or cooperatively with up to four players.

The game includes player-versus-environment (PvE) and player-versus-player (PvP) content, with a progression system that rewards players for mission completion.

The equipment can be upgraded with ‘Mods’ to enhance attributes and abilities. Advanced mods, resources, and blueprints for crafting new equipment can be acquired through gameplay or purchased with the game’s premium currency, Platinum.

Warframe avoids pay-to-win elements, ensuring that all non-cosmetic items are attainable through gameplay. New weapons, Warframes, and gear are regularly added, alongside cosmetics purchasable with in-game credits or Platinum.

While some upgrades are Platinum-exclusive, players can earn them through the ‘Nightwave’ reward system, emphasizing Warframe’s commitment to a fair, free-to-play model.

Can You Play Warframe on Mac?

While Warframe does not have native support for macOS, Mac users can still enjoy the game by employing alternative methods:

1. Cloud Gaming Services: Platforms like GeForce Now allow Mac users to play Warframe. This method doesn’t require installing the game on your Mac; instead, you stream it via the cloud service. A key requirement is a fast and stable internet connection for a seamless gaming experience.

2. Virtualization Software: Tools such as Parallels Desktop enable you to run Windows on your Mac. After setting up Windows, you can install and play Warframe within this virtual environment. This method requires a valid Windows license and a powerful Mac capable of handling the demands of both the virtualization software and the game.

3. Warframe iOS on Mac: There are reports from some Reddit users about successfully installing Warframe iOS on Macs with M1 and M2 chips. This approach leverages the ability of these newer Mac models to run iOS applications.

However, it’s important to note that this method may not provide an optimal gaming experience compared to playing on a supported platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many players are playing Warframe right now?

Currently, Warframe has about 86,575 active players across all supported platforms. This number varies with time and game updates.

Is Warframe still popular in 2024?

Yes, Warframe remains highly popular in 2024, with an average concurrent player count of over 2,164, showing a strong and active player base.

How many players are playing Warframe daily?

Warframe sees an average of around 136,593 total active players each day, with potential increases during weekends or special events.

What country plays Warframe the most?

The specific country with the highest number of Warframe players isn’t publicly disclosed, but the game has a global player base with significant popularity in regions like North America and Europe.

Why is Warframe still so popular?

Warframe’s popularity is sustained by its engaging gameplay, constant updates, vast in-game universe, and active community engagement, making it an enduring title in the gaming world.

Is Warframe a profitable game?

Yes, Warframe is considered profitable, especially given its successful free-to-play model that includes in-game purchases and microtransactions.

Should I play Destiny 2 or Warframe?

Choosing between Destiny 2 and Warframe depends on personal preference. Both offer unique experiences, with Destiny 2 focusing more on story-driven content and Warframe offering extensive customization and a wide variety of missions.

Is Destiny older than Warframe?

No, Warframe was released in March 2013, while Destiny was released in September 2014, making Warframe older.

Why is Destiny 2 better than Warframe?

Whether Destiny 2 is better than Warframe is subjective. Destiny 2 may appeal to players seeking a more narrative-driven experience, while Warframe is known for its diverse gameplay and customization options.

Why don’t people like Warframe?

Some players may find Warframe’s learning curve, grinding nature, and complex mechanics challenging, which could impact their enjoyment of the game.

Which Warframes are played the most?

Popular Warframes include Excalibur, Rhino, Loki, and Nova, known for their versatility and effectiveness in various mission types.

Who is the best Warframe to use?

The best Warframe depends on individual playstyle and mission requirements. Warframes like Excalibur, Rhino, and Nova are popular for their versatility.

Which country created Warframe?

Warframe was developed by Digital Extremes, a game development company based in Canada.

What country has the best gamer?

There is no definitive answer to which country has the best gamers. Gaming skill varies widely among individuals, regardless of nationality.

What was Warframe originally called?

Warframe was initially conceptualized under the title ‘Dark Sector’ before evolving into its current form.

Who is the owner of Warframe?

Warframe is owned and developed by Digital Extremes, a Canadian video game developer.

What engine does Warframe use?

Warframe is built on the Evolution engine, developed by Digital Extremes.

Which Warframe is the strongest?

Determining the “strongest” Warframe is subjective and depends on the mission, player skill, and playstyle. Warframes like Mesa, Saryn, and Chroma are often noted for their high damage output.

Who is the main enemy in Warframe?

The main enemies in Warframe vary, with prominent factions including the Grineer, Corpus, Infested, and Sentients.

What is the hardest Warframe to get?

Some of the hardest Warframes to acquire include Harrow, Nidus, and Ivara, due to their complex farming requirements.

Should Christians play Warframe?

Whether Christians should play Warframe is a personal decision, typically based on individual beliefs and the game’s content.

Can you enjoy Warframe solo?

Yes, Warframe can be enjoyed solo. Many missions and activities are designed to be player-friendly for solo gamers.

Does Warframe ban cheaters?

Yes, Warframe has a policy of banning cheaters to maintain fair play and game integrity.

Is Warframe more grindy than Destiny?

Warframe is often considered to be more grind-intensive than Destiny, particularly due to its extensive farming requirements for materials and items.

Is it worth it to play Warframe?

Playing Warframe is worth it for many players who enjoy its deep customization, cooperative gameplay, and evolving content. However, this can vary based on personal gaming preferences.

Why do people compare Warframe to Destiny?

Warframe and Destiny are often compared due to their similarities as online action RPGs with sci-fi settings, cooperative gameplay, and loot-driven mechanics.

Is Warframe an endless game?

Warframe offers an extensive, continuously updated gaming experience with no defined end, making it feel like an endless game to many players.

Is Warframe free to play?

Yes, Warframe is a free-to-play game, with most content accessible without spending real money. Optional microtransactions are available for certain in-game items and enhancements.

Is Warframe on Steam?

Yes, Warframe is available on Steam, offering another platform for players to access the game.

Can you earn in Warframe?

Earning in Warframe typically refers to acquiring in-game items and resources. Real money earning through gameplay is not a feature of Warframe.

Is Warframe an AAA game?

While Warframe has the quality and scale of a AAA game, it was developed and published by an independent studio, Digital Extremes.

Does Warframe have PVP?

Yes, Warframe includes a player-versus-player mode known as ‘Conclave,’ though the game primarily focuses on player versus environment content.

What age limit is Warframe?

Warframe is rated as suitable for players aged 17 and up due to its violence and mature themes.

Should I play Warframe solo?

Playing Warframe solo or cooperatively depends on your preference. The game supports both playstyles effectively.

How popular is Warframe?

Warframe remains highly popular, with a strong player base and regular updates contributing to its ongoing success.

Is Warframe Dead?

No, Warframe is far from being a dead game. It maintains an active community on platforms like Reddit and Discord and receives continuous updates and support from its developers, Digital Extremes.


Warframe’s journey in the gaming world is a testament to the idea that massive player numbers aren’t the only measure of a game’s success.

Digital Extremes, the game’s developer, has consistently demonstrated a commitment to keeping Warframe fresh, engaging, and ever-evolving. By regularly updating and innovating the game’s dynamics, they have ensured that Warframe remains a compelling experience for its dedicated community. This approach has allowed Warframe to carve out a unique and respected place in the gaming landscape, proving that quality, player engagement, and continuous improvement can sustain a game’s popularity and relevance.

As we continue to monitor Warframe’s progress, updates on the player count will be provided monthly, along with insights into the gaming world’s broader trends and shifts.

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