Sea of Thieves Player Count

Sea of Thieves Player Count

Sea of Thieves invites players to embark on an action-packed adventure across the high seas. Released in March 2018 by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios, this game stands out as a top choice for pirate-themed gameplay enthusiasts.

Available on Windows and Xbox One, Sea of Thieves quickly became a flagship title for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, offering a unique blend of adventure and multiplayer strategy.

In this first-person action-adventure, players assume the role of a pirate navigating an open world. They set sail on voyages for various trading companies, encountering other players who might become allies or adversaries. The game’s dynamic world ensures that every journey is filled with unpredictability and excitement.

Rare, drawing inspiration from player-driven stories in games like Eve Online, DayZ, and Rust, conceived Sea of Thieves in 2014. The studio initially explored various themes, including vampires and dinosaurs, before settling on the pirate theme, influenced by Pirates of the Caribbean and The Goonies. The game’s progression system, focusing on unlocking cosmetic items, aims to engage both casual and hardcore players.

Sea of Thieves offers a deeply immersive pirate experience from a first-person perspective. Players can navigate the seas solo or with a crew of up to four. They face everything from naval battles and sea storms to living skeletons, giant sharks, and the mythical Kraken – all while occasionally enjoying a barrel of rum.

Boasting a large, active global player base, Sea of Thieves is a testament to its enduring popularity. This post will reveal the current number of players playing Sea of Thieves.

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About Sea Of Thieves

Sea of Thieves, developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios, is an action-adventure game that offers an immersive pirate experience. Released in March 2018 for Windows and Xbox One, and later for Xbox Series X/S, the game quickly became a hit among fans of the genre.

It stands out for its engaging multiplayer gameplay, where players assume the roles of pirates, completing voyages for various trading companies in a shared open-world setting.

The game, inspired by films like “The Goonies” and “Pirates of the Caribbean,” offers players a first-person perspective in a world where they can team up in crews of up to four players, or sail solo.

Despite its multiplayer focus, solo players can also enjoy the game, though they may face more challenges. It’s important to note that Sea of Thieves is an always-online game and does not offer an offline mode. As of now, there is no mobile version available.

Sea of Thieves isn’t a typical shooter game. Instead, it’s a joyous adventure where players engage in sword fights with skeletons, battle terrifying monsters, and hunt for treasure. The game emphasizes voyages across various trading companies, with the goal of becoming a pirate legend.

Players collect coins by completing missions or looting other ships, which they can use to purchase weapons, sails, and other items.

The game is known for its sailing mechanics, though it has received feedback regarding repetitive quests and performance issues. Players control ships cooperatively, assuming different roles like steering, manning cannons, and navigating. They face threats like hostile players, water damage, and the need to form alliances.

The game has a ghost ship called the Ferry of the Damned, where players wait to respawn. Sea of Thieves originally included a competitive multiplayer mode, “Arena,” which was removed due to low participation. A new player-versus-environment mode, “Safer Seas,” is set to be introduced in December 2023.

Players can undertake voyages from the game’s main trading companies, facing challenges from finding treasure chests to battling skeletons and delivering goods. The game also features other factions, like the Hunter’s Call and the Reaper’s Bones, offering various rewards.

Players can earn reputation points to unlock more complex quests and additional cosmetics. Reaching rank 50 with three trading companies earns the title of “pirate legend,” granting access to exclusive areas and quests.

Sea of Thieves allows players to explore freely, gather resources, choose from four weapons, and face various challenges like adverse weather, shipwrecks, and mythical creatures. Players can interact using emotes, voice chat, and can enjoy activities like fishing, hunting, and cooking.

The game has proven to be a success, with more than 15 million players according to the live player count, offering a unique and captivating pirate adventure on the high seas.

How Many People Are Playing Sea Of Thieves?

As of the latest data, Sea of Thieves boasts a strong player base, with 242,595 players engaging in the game online. This figure indicates the game’s enduring popularity and widespread appeal.

Additionally, Steam statistics provide further insight into the game’s reach on that specific platform: the 24-hour peak stands at 9,018 players, and the game has achieved an all-time peak of 66,632 players on Steam.

These numbers reflect the game’s success in attracting a dedicated and active community of players, continually drawn to its unique pirate-themed adventures and dynamic multiplayer experience.

How To Play Sea Of Thieves

Playing Sea of Thieves offers a unique and immersive pirate experience. It is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC (Windows).

Like most video games, Sea of Thieves has a tutorial. It’s highly recommended for beginners to start here, as it provides essential insights into the game’s mechanics and basic controls.

The game offers three types of ships, each suited for different crew sizes.

  • The Sloop is small and agile, ideal for solo players or duos.
  • The Brigantine is medium-sized, perfect for a crew of three.
  • The Galleon is large, accommodating a crew of four, offering more firepower and space but requiring better coordination.

While solo play is possible, having more players on a ship makes sailing easier. More crew members mean more hands to manage sailing, combat, and navigating challenges. Before setting sail, make sure to stock up on essential supplies like food, cannonballs, and wood for repairs. Supplies are crucial for survival and success in the game.

Players can choose between different types of voyages offered by various trading companies in the game, each with its unique challenges and rewards. Alternatively, players can embark on “Tall Tales,” which are story-driven missions offering a narrative experience.

Whether you’re exploring, engaging in ship battles, or following the storyline, the key is to enjoy the pirate life in the game. Sea of Thieves is designed to be a fun, immersive experience.

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows 10.
  • Intel Q9450 @ 2.6GHz or AMD Phenom II X6 @ 3.3 GHz.
  • 4 GB RAM.
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 or AMD Radeon 7750.

Recommended Requirements

  • Windows 10.
  • Intel i5 4690 @ 3.5GHz or AMD FX-8150 @ 3.6 GHz.
  • 8 GB RAM.
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 or AMD Radeon R9 380x.

Remember, Sea of Thieves is an always-online game, so a stable internet connection is a must.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many players is Sea of Thieves PC?

The exact number varies, but Sea of Thieves has a significant player base on PC.

Why do people play Sea of Thieves?

For its immersive pirate adventure, multiplayer experience, and open-world exploration.

How many players are in the Sea of Thieves lobby?

A Sea of Thieves server can host up to 6 ships, with varying crew sizes.

How much money is Sea of Thieves?

It’s often priced around $39.99 but varies with sales and promotions.

Can you make money playing Sea of Thieves?

Not real money; in-game currency is earned through gameplay.

Is Sea of Thieves bad solo?

It’s more challenging but offers a unique and enjoyable experience.

Can you play Sea of Thieves offline?

No, it requires an internet connection for online play.

How many ships does Sea of Thieves have?

Three main ship types: Sloop, Brigantine, and Galleon.

How many ships does a Sea of Thieves server have?

Up to 6 ships per server

How much RAM does Sea of Thieves have?

Minimum 4 GB RAM required, 8 GB recommended for better performance.

How many people playing Sea of Thieves?

Exact numbers aren’t disclosed, but it maintains a healthy player base.

How many GB does Sea of Thieves have?

About 50 GB of storage space is required.

Is Sea of Thieves for mobile?

No, it’s not available on mobile platforms.

What is the best ship in Sea of Thieves?

Depends on crew size and playstyle. Sloop for solo/duo, Galleon for larger crews.

Can you play Sea of Thieves with strangers?

Yes, you can join open crews and play with other players.

What is the fastest ship in sot?

The Sloop is the fastest, especially against the wind.

How do you make money fast in Sea of Thieves?

Completing high-reward voyages and trading with companies efficiently.

How much does a boat cost in Sea of Thieves?

Boats are not bought; players select them for free at the start of each session.

Who pays the best in Sea of Thieves?

It varies; each trading company offers different types of rewards.

How do you get rich in Sea of Thieves solo?

Focus on completing solo-friendly voyages and avoid PvP confrontations.

Can you sell your Sea of Thieves account?

Selling accounts violates the game’s terms of service.

How big is Sea of Thieves map?

Large and expansive, offering diverse regions and islands to explore.

Is Sea of Thieves a success?

Yes, with millions of players and ongoing updates, it’s a successful title.

Why is Sea of Thieves so big?

Due to its detailed open world, regular updates, and content additions.

How do you get two ships in Sea of Thieves?

You can’t control two ships simultaneously; one ship per crew.

What is the max party size in Sea of Thieves?

Up to 4 players on a Galleon, the largest crew size.

What is the max lobby in Sea of Thieves?

Up to 6 ships per server, with variable crew sizes.

Is there a goal in Sea of Thieves?

Become a pirate legend, completing voyages and exploring the world.

Is Sea of Thieves fun with no friends?

Yes, it can be enjoyable solo or with random crewmates.

Is it good to play Sea of Thieves alone?

Yes, but it presents unique challenges compared to team play.

How big is Sea of Thieves PC?

Around 50 GB of installation space is required.

How big is Sea of Thieves download PC?

The initial download size is about 50 GB.

Is Sea of Thieves good in 2024?

Yes, with continuous updates and a strong community.

Do people get banned in Sea of Thieves?

Yes, for violating terms of service or engaging in prohibited activities.

Why is Sea of Thieves so hard?

Its open-world PvP and PvE challenges can be demanding.

Is Sea of Thieves hard by yourself?

Solo play is challenging but rewarding.

Can a normal laptop run Sea of Thieves?

Yes, if it meets the minimum system requirements.

Can I run Sea of Thieves with 4gb RAM?

Yes, but 8 GB RAM is recommended for better performance.

What is the best graphics card for Sea of Thieves?

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 or AMD Radeon R9 380x is recommended for optimal experience.

What is the first ship in Sea of Thieves?

Players choose between a Sloop, Brigantine, or Galleon at the start.

What happens when your ship is destroyed in Sea of Thieves?

You respawn with a new ship but lose any onboard resources and treasure.

Why buy a ship in Sea of Thieves?

Ships aren’t bought; players select them for free at the start of each session.

Can you get drunk in Sea of Thieves?

Yes, players can drink grog and experience in-game drunkenness effects.

Do weapons get stronger in Sea of Thieves?

No, all players have access to the same weapon strength.

What is the strongest thing in Sea of Thieves?

The Kraken and Megalodon are among the toughest challenges.

How much data does Sea of Thieves use?

Data usage varies but can be significant during extended play sessions.

How many hours of gameplay is Sea of Thieves?

Endless, as it’s an open-world game with constantly evolving content.

Can you play Sea of Thieves on PS4?

Sea of Thieves is not available on PlayStation platforms.

What games are like Sea of Thieves?

Titles such as Blackwake and Atlas offer similar pirate-themed experiences.

How hard is Sea of Thieves to run?

Moderately demanding; requires a decent PC or Xbox to run smoothly.

Can you make a private server on Sea of Thieves?

No, private servers are not available in Sea of Thieves.

Why do I never see anyone in Sea of Thieves?

Player encounters vary; some areas/servers may have fewer players.

How do you avoid players in Sea of Thieves?

Stay alert, avoid popular areas, and use stealth tactics.

Are there NPCs in Sea of Thieves?

Yes, including traders, quest givers, and enemy skeletons.

How many ships are allowed in Sea of Thieves?

Up to 6 ships per server.

Can you do 3 people on a Sloop?

No, the Sloop is designed for 1-2 players.

How do you become a partner in Sea of Thieves?

Rare offers a partnership program for content creators and streamers.

What is the second fastest ship in Sea of Thieves?

The Brigantine is faster than the Galleon but slower than the Sloop.

Can you own more than 1 ship in Sea of Thieves?

No, one ship per crew at a time.

Can you play Sea of Thieves offline?

No, it requires an internet connection for online play.

Does body size matter in Sea of Thieves?

No, all player avatars have the same hitboxes and abilities.

How much money is Sea of Thieves?

Typically around $39.99, subject to sales and promotions.

What is the fastest way to make money in Sea of Thieves?

Completing high-value voyages and efficiently selling loot.

What is the best solo money in Sea of Thieves?

Solo players often profit from quick and less risky voyages.

What is pay to win in Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves does not have pay-to-win elements; purchases are cosmetic.

How do you get rich in Sea of Thieves solo?

Focus on completing solo-friendly voyages and avoid PvP confrontations.

What is the most profitable thing to do in Sea of Thieves?

High-level voyages and defeating strong bosses or events like Skeleton Forts.

What are the most valuable items to sell in Sea of Thieves?

Rare treasures, skulls, and chests from high-level quests or world events.


Sea of Thieves stands out as a premier pirate adventure game, captivating players with its expansive open-world and immersive first-person gameplay. This action-adventure game appeals to both solo adventurers and team players.

Its unique charm lies in its skill-based progression and commitment to an equal playing field, devoid of pay-to-win mechanics. With a strong player base across PC and Xbox, the game’s popularity is a testament to its engaging content and the allure of pirate lore.

In essence, Sea of Thieves offers a dynamic and evolving pirate experience, filled with challenges, adventures, and the thrill of seafaring life. Accessible on multiple platforms with reasonable system requirements, it continues to attract a diverse range of players.

Whether navigating solo or as part of a crew, Sea of Thieves promises a rich, thrilling adventure on the high seas, making it a standout title in the action-adventure genre.

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