How To Get S Rank in League of Legends

How To Get S Rank in League of Legends

One of the features of League of Legends is that it motivates its players by giving them a rank based on their performance after each game. If you are just starting out or if you have been playing League of Legends for a while, you will notice that they have a grading system that ranges from D up to S+.

During the time the grading system was first introduced, players didn’t pay attention to it. They cared less about their rank and focused more on fame instead. As League of Legends grew to become more popular and competitive, players began to understand the benefits of having an S Rank and higher ranks.

The reward and incentive of having a high rank is that it allows you to progress as well as upgrade some vanity functionalities for your champion. No one has an exact formula for how to figure out their ranking after each game because we have yet to see this on Riot. Yet, we found out that you can choose Master Yi and go 20/0 and get an A+ score.

The only information that people have gotten from Riot is based on how the S Rank system works. According to Riot Games, the grades are awarded to players based on certain factors like the champion they selected and their overall performance in their preferred role. Nevertheless, players would like to know exactly what to do to get their S-, S, and S+ grades in League of Legends. However, getting an S Rank or higher in LoL is not an easy task.

Riot has yet to disclose information on what you should do to get an S Rank. Thankfully, we will share some tips and techniques that you can use to get an S as the top lane, or in any other land in the League of Nations game.

When Was The Ranking System Introduced?

The ranking system was first introduced with the Champion Mastery update, which was included in Patch 5.6 back on March 25, 2015. This update provided a system to reward players for using specific champions and playing them continuously for a long period in different matches and games.

Why Is It Difficult To Get an S Rank In League of Legends?

 The grading system serves as a yardstick for measuring and evaluating your mastery of specific champions in LoL. Think about it, doesn’t it make sense to reward those who have invested a lot of time in testing and practice-specific champions to get rewarded by giving them a higher rank in the grading system?

That said, getting an S Rank is an attainable feat, so, don’t think that it is impossible to achieve. To get an S Rank, you should have devoted a lot of quality time to playing the game at an advanced level so that you can be rewarded with a higher champion mastery in the future and get higher positions in the rank ladder.

Our Top Lane Tier List will prove to be a vital tool in your hand as it helps you discover the best champions for the current meta.

What is the Importance of Getting S Rank In Your Games?

There are lots of reasons why you should strive to get an S Rank in your games. To start with, having an S Rank will not only help you as an individual player but also improve your overall performance in League of Legends. Moreover, it’ll let you do better for your team.

If you have grown to a level where you consistently get a ranking of S or higher, it means that you are a Diamond-level player (at least) and you understand the basics and rudiments of playing League of Legends as a team game using advanced individual skills.  

In your bid to ensure that you are getting an S Rank (at least) or higher, you’ll grow to become a valuable asset for your team. The five aspects to getting S Rank are mostly found in professional LoL games where factors like Creep Score, Visions, and Objectives get a higher priority in the overall gameplay of the team.

Learning and mastering these 5 aspects will not only help you get an S Rank in Lol but also make you get higher positions in the competitive ladder as well.

How To Get S Rank In League of Legends

The secret to getting an S Rank consistently in LoL is by playing your champion very well. Hence, your performance should be close to perfection when it comes to your Creep Score, Vision Score, Kill/Death/Assist Ratio, Objective Control, and Damage Dealt/Taken.

The importance of each of these variables depends largely on your role in the team. To give you a better understanding of it, we’ll explain it in detail.

Creep Score (CS)

Perhaps, the Creep Score is the most overlooked area of every League of Legends game. It refers to the number of creeps and minion kills in LoL. If you are looking to have an S Rank, make note of the Creep Scores. You may want to get as much CS as you can but this isn’t going to take you straight to the top because your lane plays a role in determining your Creep Score.

Although having a high number of kills sounds great, however, you’ll have to get a certain number of CS per minute; unless you are playing support, and you wouldn’t even get much CS there. If you are playing mid, for instance, the average Creep Score on the mid lane ranges between 7 and 9 per minute, and for a support role, expect the number to be much lower.

Ensure you practice hitting as many minions as you can. Another factor that should be taken into consideration is that your CS will be compared with other players who used the same champion you used in the same position. Essentially, your CS number is determined by the role you played and the champion.

Vision Score

Vision Score is your ability to de-ward or ward efficiently in the game. This doesn’t mean that you will have a high vision score when you start placing a sufficient number of wards but instead, your wards should identify your enemy’s position consistently in the game.

Wards are important. Most players may place wards because they feel that warding is the only feature the support is supposed to do. However, warding isn’t only for support. When more enemy champions are unveiled, you get a higher vision score. Placing both the regular vision ward and the control ward will help you get the S rank quicker.

Many players forget that killing wards is a major step to getting closer to the S rank. Remember that in each game, ward kill is a recorded stat. Therefore, if you kill a lot of wards in your game, you will get closer to that S rank.

Kill/Death/Assist Ratio (KDA)

If you’ve been playing League of Legends for a while, you should be familiar with the K/D ratio. The Kill/Death and Assist ratio has a major impact on your final grade. If you are playing offensive roles, you will need to have a high number of kills to get a higher grade. On the other hand, if you are playing supporting roles, having high assist counts is okay.

One of the factors to keep in mind about this is that there should be a high difference between your Kill/Assist to Death ratio. Basically, you should try to get as many kills as you can while avoiding as many deaths as possible.

Ideally, your Kill/Assist to Death ratio should be 4:1 to get S Rank at least. Another thing to do is to ensure your kill participation is high and try to do skirmishes using your team as much as you can.

You are never going to get an S grade when you have ten deaths and ten kills. A support class is not expected to get up to 20 kills for a single match. Your kill/death ratio is determined just the same way as champion role and selection. Game time also matters as it has a huge impact on the K/D ratio. For instance, the longer the match gets, the lower the K/D ratio gets in the end.

Objective Control

Objective control refers to your team’s capability to eliminate turrets, Rift Heralds, Scuttle Crabs, secure Drakes, and Baron Nashor. As a player, you will have to participate when all of these objectives are ensured because it gives you a higher contribution rather than waiting for your teammates to finish it off.

The most important objective you will have to do to get an S Rank is the enemy Nexus because winning your games gets you the highest points in the LoL’s grading system.

Damage Dealt/Taken

One of the significant ways of getting that S grade is by doing a lot of damage. Kills and damage are interwoven and they go hand in hand in helping you get S or higher. A high amount of damage can eclipse those kills as long as getting an S is concerned.

For more offensive roles like assassins and carries, you’ll have to do a high amount of damage to the enemy champions whilst having a low amount of damage received. This same thing doesn’t apply for defensive roles such as tanks because you may require a high amount of damage while you ensure that your Kill/Assist-to-death ratio is great.

Let’s say you are doing a lot of damage but you aren’t getting the last hit in there, don’t get worried as the damage will speak for you in the end. You can have a glimpse of the amount of Damage Dealt/Taken you have after every game through the graph section in the overview.

Everything Matters

Whether you are trying to get an S rank in the top lane, bottom lane, support, etc, always have it at the back of your mind that everything matters. League of Legends is a team-based game where map control and objectives are of high importance just like the amount of kills you get.

When you play Pantheos, for instance, you get out farmed, you relinquish your tower, and you fail to place wards. If you do something similar like this in your games, you are never going to get that S rank. Your ranking is determined by some of these objectives. If you want to reach an S rank, what you need to do is get out there and get rid of Dragons, Barons, and Rift Heralds.

One of the methods to improve yourself is to constantly remind yourself to touch the tower when another player in your team is getting one, even though they can do it without any assistance. The same thing also applies to the dragon.  

Since you can toss an ability in the dragon pit, you can as well get that assist. Keep doing this because it will get you get closer to having the S rank.

Your Role

The role you choose has a hand in your score. Support with a little SC may get you an S rank over the mid-laner with a Creed Score of 150 since support doesn’t usually kill minions. One thing we found out is that it is difficult to get the best rank in the Jungler role.

Typically, a Jungler with a Creed Score of less than 100 at 30 minutes is never going to get anywhere close to an S rank. Get some skills, clear crams when you see them, and secure multiple objectives to increase your chances of getting an S rank.

How To Make All of This Work

One of the mistakes players make is that they focus more on improving specific areas and they forget to look at other aspects of their performances. Remember that everything matters in the game, so make sure that nothing is left ignored. If you prioritize a particular aspect to get an S rank and ignore other aspects, you may never get an S Rank at all.

For instance, focusing more on KDA shows that you will be scared of dying, and in the end, you will not take the kind of risks you take because you are playing cautiously. Consequently, you may sacrifice things like Vision Score and Damage Death as you won’t have the needed risk to make aggressive plays on the map.

Nevertheless, you have to make all of this work. If you are looking to get an S rank, you have to see how to integrate all these in your work to make it work naturally and subconsciously without compromising the flow of the game.

Getting S Rank As A Support

Getting S Rank as support isn’t the same as how you get it playing other roles that are typically proactive during the game. If you are playing a support role, you should focus more on the supporting aspects of the grading systems like Vision Score, Assists, as well as Participation on Objectives/Skirmishes.

Although this may look impossible to do, however, playing a support role may be the easiest way to get an S Rank in League of Legends.

What Are The Benefits of Getting an S Rank?

As we mentioned earlier, you should have shown mastery with a specific champion to get an S rank. This can be gotten from Master Tokens, which are necessary to upgrade your Mastery on a particular champion up to Level 7.

Getting the level 7 mastery will in turn unlock the highest mastery flair you can showcase, which can be done by pressing Ctrl + 6 on your keyboard. Additionally, you get a Hextech Chest when you get an S rank with a unique champion.

What is Champion Mastery?

Champion Mastery is the major reason why players are looking to get a rank of S or higher in LoL. Champion mastery runs from Level 0 up to Level 7, which is the highest possible you can get with a single champion.

Every single one of your champions will have a different mastery score from the other. Furthermore, you can only arrive at this mastery score by playing games with each one of them. Getting a higher rank in the grading system awards you more points as you progress toward the next level in the champion mastery system.

Can I Get Champion Mastery On AI Games?

It is possible to get champion mastery in AI games. The reason is that AI Games as well as Custom Games do not apply to the grading system and will not offer any champion mastery points. Hence, they will not give you rankings after each game.

This is because players may abuse this feature and use it to get a higher rank if they are playing with a default program, which doesn’t offer any challenges. Alternatively, you may choose to for Iron and farm your Champion Mastery points.  


A lot of players in the League of Legends community have expressed their complaints over not getting an S rank, even when they felt they deserved it. We get the same reply every time, “low creed score, not enough assists, etc happens every time, not enough Creed Score, not enough their duly deserved S rank in their games. Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand how to get an S Rank and higher in League of Legends.

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