How To Delete Messages On Snapchat Without Them Knowing


Are you looking to delete a message on Snapchat without the recipient knowing? Snapchat often notifies users when a message is deleted from a chat, which can be a bit tricky if you’re trying to remove a message discreetly.

Thankfully, this guide is tailored for those who have sent a message on Snapchat and later decided it was best left unsent. Here, we’ll explore the possibilities within Snapchat’s privacy system to see if there’s a way to quietly erase a message from a conversation.

Whether you’re a seasoned Snapchatter or new to the app, this article aims to provide clear, straightforward steps to manage your messages discreetly on Snapchat. Let’s dive in!

How to Delete Snapchat Messages

Deleting a message on Snapchat can be straightforward, but it’s important to note that the app notifies the recipient when a message is removed. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to delete messages from your Snapchat conversations:

  • Open Snapchat App: Start by opening the Snapchat app on your phone. Make sure you are logged into your account.
  • Access Your Chats: Swipe right to navigate to the chat window. This section displays all your recent conversations with friends on Snapchat.
  • Select the Conversation: Choose the specific conversation from which you want to delete a message. Tap on it to open the chat.
  • Find the Message to Delete: Within the conversation, scroll to the message you sent and wish to delete. Remember, you can only delete messages that you have sent, not those received from others.
  • Delete the Message: Long press the specific message you want to remove. A pop-up menu will appear with various options. Select the “Delete” option from this menu.
  • Notification to the Other Person: After you delete the message, be aware that Snapchat will notify the other person in the chat that a message was deleted.

If your goal is to remove messages without the other person being notified, Snapchat’s design makes this challenging. The platform’s focus on transparency means that users are always informed of changes in the chat, including the deletion of messages.

However, clearing conversations is a different process and can be done without notifying the other person. This involves removing the entire chat history with a person rather than individual messages. Keep in mind that this won’t delete the messages on the recipient’s end; it only removes them from your view.

How to Clear Conversations from Snapchat

How To Delete Messages On Snapchat Without Them Knowing

If you’re looking to delete Snapchat messages without the recipient knowing, it’s important to understand that while you can clear the conversation from your side, the messages will still be visible to the recipient.

Here’s how you can clear conversations from your chat window:

Method 1: Clearing Conversations from Chat Window

  • Open Snapchat: Start by launching the Snapchat app on your phone.
  • Access Chat Window: Swipe right or tap on the chat icon to open your chat window.
  • Locate the Conversation: Scroll through your chat list or search to find the conversation you want to delete.
  • Long Press the Conversation: Once you find the specific chat, long press on it until a pop-up menu appears.
  • Select ‘Chat Settings’: In the pop-up menu, look for an option that says “Chat Settings” and tap on it.
  • Clear from Chat Feed: In the Chat Settings, you will find an option labeled “Clear from Chat Feed.” Tap on this option.
  • Confirm Deletion: You will be asked to confirm the action. To proceed with clearing the chat, tap “Clear.”

By following these steps, the conversation will be cleared from your Snapchat chat feed, but remember, this action only removes the chat from your view. The other person in the chat will still have access to all the messages on their end.

This method is useful if your goal is to declutter your chat window or remove the conversation from your immediate view without alerting the other party. However, it does not serve as a way to retract messages that you’ve sent.

Method 2: Clearing Conversations via Profile Settings

If you wish to clear Snapchat conversations without the recipients knowing, you can do so through your Profile Settings. This method removes the conversation from your side only, leaving it intact on the recipient’s end. Here’s how to proceed:

1. Open Snapchat App: Launch Snapchat on your phone.

2. Visit Your Profile: Tap on your Bitmoji at the top left corner of the screen to go to your profile.

3. Access Profile Settings: Click the gear icon located at the top right corner of your profile page to open Settings.

4. Navigate to Account Actions: In the settings menu, scroll down until you find “ACCOUNT ACTIONS.”

5. Clear Conversations Option: Tap on “Clear Conversation.” This will bring up a list of all the people you’ve had conversations with. Each conversation will have a (×) icon next to it.

6. Clear Specific Conversation: Tap the (×) icon beside the chat you wish to clear. Confirm the action if prompted.

It’s important to note that using this method to clear conversations has certain limitations:

  • The conversation is only removed from your Snapchat. The other person will still have the full record of your conversation, as this action does not delete the chat from their phone.
  • This method does not delete saved messages within the conversation. If you or the recipient have saved any messages, they will remain even after clearing the conversation.
  • You’ll lose the conversation from your chat list, and any unsaved messages, links, or pictures will be removed from your view.

Remember, if you need to remove specific messages from both sides, you would need to delete individual messages, which will notify the other person. For now, these are the only ways to manage Snapchat conversations without alerting the other person, and any future updates from Snapchat might offer more flexibility in this regard.

How Do I Prevent a Snapchat Message From Being Deleted

If you want to ensure that specific messages or snaps are preserved in Snapchat, even when you clear the entire chat conversation, you can use the feature known as ‘saving messages’. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open Snapchat: Launch the Snapchat app on your device.
  • Access Chat Window: Swipe left from the camera screen to open your Chat window, where you can see all your ongoing conversations.
  • Select the Desired Chat: Navigate to the chat containing the message or snap you want to save.
  • Save the Message or Snap: Long press on the message or snap you want to keep. A menu will pop up; select “Save in Chat.” Saved messages will have a different background color (usually grey), making them easy to identify.
  • Retention of Saved Messages: These saved messages will remain in the chat even if you use the ‘Clear Conversation’ option for the rest of the chat. They will be there until you decide to unsave them.
  • Unsaving Messages: If you later decide to unsave a message or snap, simply long press on the saved item again and select the option to unsave it. This will remove the item from being permanently stored in the chat.

By saving messages, you have control over what gets preserved in your Snapchat conversations, allowing you to keep important messages intact while still having the option to clear other parts of the conversation. Remember, this action is visible to both parties in the chat, so the other person will know that you have saved a message or snap.

How to Delete Saved Messages on Snapchat

How do you delete Snapchat messages before they are seen

Deleting saved messages on Snapchat is a straightforward process, but it’s important to remember that doing so will notify the other person if you actively delete the message. Here’s how to unsave and potentially remove these messages:

  • Open Snapchat: Launch the Snapchat app on your phone.
  • Access Chat Window: Swipe right or tap on the chat icon to open your list of conversations.
  • Locate the Conversation: Scroll to find the conversation containing the messages you want to unsave.
  • Identify Saved Messages: In the conversation, look for messages with a grey background. These are the saved messages. You can also identify them by the colored line (red or blue) on the left side of the message.
  • Unsave Messages: Long press on the saved message you wish to unsave. A pop-up menu will appear. Select “Unsave in Chat.” The message will lose its grey background, indicating it has been unsaved.

Next Steps:

  • Option 1: You can choose to long press and delete the message you just unsaved. However, be aware that this action will notify the other person in the chat that a message was deleted.
  • Option 2: Alternatively, if you simply close the chat after unsaving the message, it will disappear within 24 hours, as unsaved messages on Snapchat are automatically deleted after this period. This won’t send a notification to the other person.

How Does Snapchat Notify Others About My Deleted Message

How do you permanently delete Snapchat messages on both sides

Snapchat does have certain limitations in terms of message deletion and user notifications. If you delete a message in a Snapchat conversation, the app will send a notification to the other person in the chat. This notification indicates that a message was deleted, but it doesn’t reveal the content of the message.

As mentioned earlier, the only way to remove messages without notifying the other person is by clearing conversations from your side, as described previously. However, this method only removes the chat from your view and does not affect the chat on the recipient’s end.

It’s important to note that once you delete a message on Snapchat, there is no way to recover it. So, think carefully before deciding to remove any messages.

Snapchat maintains its privacy ethos by notifying users when a screenshot is taken of their snap or conversation. This feature is in place to give users a heads-up whenever their content is being saved in a way that deviates from Snapchat’s ephemeral nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you delete messages on Snapchat without them knowing?

No, when you delete a message on Snapchat, the other person is notified that the message was deleted.

How do you permanently delete Snapchat messages on both sides?

To delete messages on both sides, each user must manually delete their saved messages. However, unsaved messages will disappear after 24 hours.

When you clear a conversation on Snapchat, does it notify the other person?

No, clearing a conversation from your chat list does not notify the other person.

Can you delete a message on Snapchat without reading it?

Yes, you can delete a Snapchat message without reading it by long pressing the message and selecting ‘Delete‘.

How does deleting Snapchat messages work?

Deleting a Snapchat message removes it from your chat screen, and the recipient is notified of the deletion.

How do you permanently delete a Snap conversation?

To permanently delete a Snap conversation, go to Snapchat settings, select ‘Clear Conversation‘ under ‘Account Actions’, and choose the conversation to clear.

Will my friends know if I delete my Snapchat account?

Your friends won’t receive a notification, but they won’t find your profile or send you snaps/messages.

How do you know if someone uninstalled Snapchat?

If someone uninstalls Snapchat, they won’t appear online or read your messages, but there’s no direct way to confirm if they’ve uninstalled the app.

What happens when you delete someone on Snapchat?

When you delete someone, they’re removed from your friends list, and you won’t see their private snaps or stories.

What happens if you send a Snap to someone who deleted you?

If someone has deleted you, your snaps will not reach them and will show as ‘Pending’ or ‘Delivered’ without ever being opened.

What is the difference between blocked and deleted on Snapchat?

Blocking someone prevents them from viewing your stories or contacting you while deleting only removes them from your friends list.

Is it better to block or remove someone on Snapchat?

It depends on your needs; block for privacy and no contact, and delete to just remove them from your friends list.

When you block someone on Snapchat, what do they see?

A blocked person can’t see your stories or send messages, and it will appear as if you’ve deleted your account from them.

Can you still send messages to someone who blocked you on Snapchat?

No, you cannot send messages to someone who has blocked you on Snapchat.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, while Snapchat is renowned for its privacy features, it’s important to note that discreetly deleting messages is nearly impossible within the app. Snapchat ensures transparency by notifying users of any message deletions.

If you’re looking to clear conversations on your Snapchat, the methods outlined above will be useful, but keep in mind that the other person will be aware of any deleted messages.

Additionally, Snapchat’s new feature of disappearing messages offers an automatic way to manage your chat history, providing an alternative to manual deletion while maintaining privacy in your conversations. Remember, Snapchat’s design is focused on open communication, so any actions taken within the chat are typically visible to all participants.

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