How to Delete Your League of Legends Account

How to Delete Your League of Legends Account

Over time, League of Legends has become one of the most addictive and addictive games. As a person who battled with video game addiction, one of the online games that I found very addictive was League of Legends. Aside from that, it is time-consuming and sometimes clashes with my personal life.

I spent a lot of hours in front of my screen killing minions and having a good time. One of the things I did was to delete my League of Legends account. I took this strong decision after I realized that the game had taken complete control over my life.

Perhaps, you may be facing the same issue and you are looking for a way to delete your LoL account. If you have come to learn how to delete your League of Legends account, you’re in the right place. In this article, I will guide you through the entire process and you should be able to delete your LoL account in less than five minutes.

Before that, let’s explore some reasons why you should delete your League of Legends account.

Why Should You Delete Your League of Legends Account?

There are several reasons to delete your LoL account. Here are some of them:

1. Privacy Invasion

If you are doing any activity on the internet, be it gaming, work, or streaming, you should be cautious of your information. People who prioritize their online security and privacy make use of VPNs.

If your account was compromised by hackers or cybercriminals and you have private information or sensitive data that you want to protect, the last resort would be to delete your League of Legends account.

2. Personal Life

Sadly, many players do not find time to do other activities (aside from gaming) and balance their lives while playing League of Legends. Not all players have the discipline to play League of Legends and concentrate on other things.

If you feel that League of Legends is a distraction to your work, health, business, or personal life, you should consider deleting your account.

3. Restarting the Game

Players who have opened their accounts since they started may like to retain the win-loss ratio they had during their trial-and-error days. Maybe you want to have a better ELO, you may want to start your account to join higher MMR brackets.

4. Quitting

Even if you are an avid fan of League of Legends, you won’t be obsessed with the game forever. Your interest in League of Legends may fade if you find another game better than it.

If you have made up your mind to quit playing League of Legends, then deleting your account is the next thing to do.

What Are The Advantages of Deleting Your LoL Account?

The following are the benefits of deleting your League of Legends account:

  1. Deleting and creating a new account will in turn reset your profile’s MMR. If you plan to play games with or against better players, you start the game afresh.
  2. Refraining from addictive games not only creates new opportunities for you but also gives you the freedom to try out other things in your life. When you abstain from playing certain games, you can focus and prioritize other things like learning new skills, spending time with your family and loved ones, making new friends, and focusing on your academics or work.
  3. Deleting your LoL account opens up the username that you used on the account. You may decide to do this if you already have another LoL account that you wish to use to retain the name.
  4. Lastly, deleting your account makes you start afresh – from scratch. When you delete and restart your account, you will see features that you didn’t see when you first played the game.

How To Delete Your League of Legends Account

Deleting your League of Legends account is never a difficult task. However, before you start the process, you should be logged in to your League of Legends client.

Here are the steps you should take to delete your LoL account:

  • Step 1: Visit the official League of Legends website.
  • Step 2: Look for the SUPPORT section, which is located in the upper area of the website.
  • Step 3: Click on the SUPPORT button and choose League of Legends as the game you are looking to get help for.
  • Step 4: Now, you will be redirected to the official support page for Riot Games.
  • Step 5: Scroll down till you find the “Submit a ticket” button, which is highlighted in red color.
  • Step 6: You will be to a request page where you will select which request you have.
  • Step 7: Select Account management, data requests, or deletion.
  • Step 8: At this point, you will fill out the form on the screen.
  • Step 9: Submit your request when you are done.

Upon completing all the steps above, your account will be deleted after a period of 30 days.

What Should You Do After Submitting Your Ticket?

1. Check your email: The Riot Games team may contact you regarding the status of your request and they will also use that medium to get additional information from you. So, check your email from time to time ensure to provide the required information regarding your ticket. In this way, your ticket will not be rejected by the Riot Games team for lack of information.

2. Delete any personal information: After submitting your account deletion request, you will be given 30 days of access to your account. Within this timeframe, you have the freedom to remove any data or information that you wouldn’t want to be archived with your account.

3. Cancel the deletion process: You can cancel your deletion request after you have submitted a ticket. You can cancel the deletion process by contacting the Riot Games support team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between account deactivation and account deletion?

Account deactivation and account deletion are not the same. Account deactivation is going to close your account temporarily, and you can activate it at any point. However, account deletion is going to permanently wipe all the data and information associated with that account.

How can I get my account deleted faster?

It will take 30 days to get your account deleted from the Riot Games database. Once it is 30 days after you made the account deletion request, your account will be no longer active. If you want to delete your account urgently, you can contact Riot Games support. Otherwise, you will wait.

Can my account be recovered after 30 days?

Unfortunately, once your account has been deleted, it cannot be restored or retrieved. Just before you delete your account, you must have done a lot of checks to ensure that you are making the right choice.

What do I do after I have forgotten the necessary information required to delete my LoL account?

To delete your account, you will have to provide valid proof to verify that you actually own the account. If you fail to verify ownership of your account, then your League of Legends account cannot be deleted. In case you forgot the information required to delete your account, you may have to provide other proof to validate your request.

Can I use the same information I used on my account to create another League of Legends account?

Once your account has been deleted after 30 days, you have the option of using the same information on another account.

Is it possible to use the email on my previous account to open a new account?

After your account has been deleted from the Riot Games database, you can still use the same email to open another account. Riot Games will treat the email like a fresh one; so, they’ll treat you like a new user. Still, you may have to verify the email again after you have created a new account.  

How do I delete my League of Legends Account?

If you want to delete your account from the Riot Games system, log into your League of Legends client, go to Settings, and select the “Delete Account” option. Finally, enter your password and hit the “Delete Account” button.

How to permanently delete Riot?

To permanently delete Riot, right-click the Riot Vanguard option from the System Tray icon > Click Exit Vanguard > Click Settings > Click Apps > Search for “Riot Vanguard” in Apps > Click Uninstall.

Is League account the same as Riot account?

League account and Riot account are totally different. A League account is used for playing the League of Legends game while the Riot account is used to manage your Riot Game as well as access the functionalities and features on the Riot Games website.

What is a Riot Account?

A riot account refers to the account that is used to access all Riot Games’s offers, products, and services, which include their online League of Legends game, their forums, community, website, and other products on their platform.

What is a Riot League of Legends Account?

A Riot League of Legends account refers to the account that you use to play the League of Legends game. Additionally, it is the account that is associated with your Summoner Name, which is the name other players will use to identify you in the game. You can also use this account to participate in ranked games and make in-game purchases items using Riot Points in the store.

Can I buy League of Legends accounts?

If you don’t want to build your account from scratch, you can buy a League of Legends account. However, keep in mind that buying League accounts is a violation of Riot’s terms of service as it is considered cheating or unfair play. Buying League accounts from other players may result in getting you banned from the game.

If you want to buy an account, you should first confirm the account age and the legitimacy of the seller. Well, you can buy an account without getting banned as many players have done in the past without getting banned. However, you must be careful and also know who you are buying from.

Does League of Legends delete players’ accounts?

League of Legends doesn’t in any way delete accounts. Even if you go against their policies, the highest they can go is to ban your account and not delete it. If you are having issues with your League account, be it hacking or a case that results in a ban or suspension, you should contact Riot Games customer support for assistance.

How long have I had my League of Legends account?

I have been using my LoL account since 2012 and I am currently in Gold 5. So, you can figure out how long I’ve been using the account.

How long does a League of Legends account last?

A League account lasts a year period.

How can I log out of my League of Legends account?

To log out of your account, you must first open the League of Legends client. Now, click on the “Log Out” button, which can be found at the top-right area of the main menu. Another quick way to do this is to press Ctrl+Shift+Q on your keyboard.

How do I change my personal information on Riot?

To update your personal information on Riot, the first thing you should do is sign in to your account. Now, click on your name in the top-right area of the screen, and click “Settings”. From under the “Profile” tab, you can change or update your personal information, including your account name, email address, and password.

What was VI released by League of Legends?

League was Legends was released on October 27. 2009.

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