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Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker, a gripping new entrant in the world of fantasy gaming, is poised to redefine the dungeon crawl and battle royale genres.

Developed by the South Korean studio IRONMACE, this eagerly anticipated title is scheduled for its initial release in Q4 of this year. Players can expect a thrilling blend of treacherous dungeons brimming with riches, promising an immersive and challenging gaming experience.

As a multiplayer fantasy extraction game, Dark and Darker invites players to form alliances and brave the perilous depths of its dungeons. But a question on every enthusiast’s mind is: how many players can join forces in this dark adventure? This is crucial information for gamers looking to team up for a memorable journey into the game’s depths.

Despite the anticipation, Dark and Darker faced a setback, as it is not currently available on Steam due to an ongoing lawsuit between Nexon and Ironmace. This development adds a layer of intrigue to the game’s journey to market.

This article aims to shine a light on Dark and Darker’s player count, its performance on the charts, peak player counts, player population, and concurrent player figures. We’ll unpack the details that demonstrate the game’s growing success and its rising fame in the gaming world, despite its Steam absence.

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Dark and Darker Player Count

Dark and Darker Player Count

The player count for Dark and Darker reflects its rising popularity and engaging gameplay. The game has consistently attracted a significant number of players, with each playtest outperforming the previous one in various aspects. The latest playtest, marking the fourth iteration, concluded with promising results, indicating the game’s growing appeal among gamers.

During its series of playtests, Dark and Darker maintained an impressive average player count, ranging from approximately 35,000 to 40,000, and peaked at an astounding 69,533 players.

However, accurately determining the concurrent player count remains a challenge due to the game’s unavailability on Steam. Despite this, the enthusiastic player feedback points to a remarkable success in terms of engagement during these test plays, highlighting the game’s positive reception within the gaming community.

Unfortunately, without official data from Ironmace, the game’s publisher, specific details about the concurrent player count remain elusive. Interestingly, Dark and Darker has shown a broad appeal across various age groups, with a significant portion of its player base spanning from young adults to those in the 35–50 age bracket, showcasing its wide-ranging allure.

Key statistics from the game reveal that 60% of players have completed the main storyline, suggesting strong engagement with the game’s content. Additionally, 40% of players have delved into the multiplayer mode, indicating the game’s capacity for collaborative play. A noteworthy 20% of players have attained the highest in-game rank, underscoring the competitive spirit that Dark and Darker fosters.

Moreover, the average playtime exceeding 100 hours is a testament to the game’s ability to captivate and retain players’ interest over extended periods. These figures collectively underscore Dark and Darker’s success and potential for continued growth in the gaming market.

About Dark and Darker

GameDark and Darker
Release Date7 Aug 2023
ModeMultiplayer video game
GENREAction, First person, PvP, RPG, Survival
TagsFantasy, Extraction Shooter, Dungeon Crawler, Medieval, Multiplayer, Online
Available PlatformsPC
File Size300 MB

Dark and Darker, developed by IRONMACE, is a compelling FPS dungeon crawler game that masterfully blends the thrill of first-person shooters with the strategic complexities of dungeon exploration.

Set in a foreboding fortress teeming with danger, this game invites players to form teams and delve into shadowy labyrinths in search of hidden treasures, all while battling fierce creatures and rival treasure hunters.

The game’s distinctive appeal lies in its innovative integration of classic dungeon crawler elements with advanced FPS mechanics, offering an engaging experience that tests players’ tactical skills and cooperative strategies.

Players must navigate through treacherous environments, solve puzzles, and combat enemies, making teamwork and quick thinking crucial to their survival and success.

Dark and Darker has gained significant popularity, particularly during its playtests, with the fourth iteration attracting over two million participants. This remarkable player engagement underscores the game’s growing appeal and its ability to captivate a diverse gaming audience.

The game’s popularity is further amplified by its growing presence among live streamers and content creators, which has contributed to its rising status in the gaming world.

The game is set in a dark, mysterious realm where players must rely on limited light sources to navigate and survive. Its immersive environment, combined with challenging gameplay and a rich backstory, offers a unique and thrilling experience for players.

The positive community feedback and the game’s continued evolution reflect its successful blend of excitement, challenge, and entertainment.

As Dark and Darker progresses through early access and further development stages, it promises to enhance and refine its captivating gameplay experience. The game’s potential for sustained success is evident as it skillfully balances classic dungeon exploration with the excitement of modern FPS action, providing players with an enthralling adventure that emphasizes teamwork, strategy, and skill.


Dark and Darker offers a unique gameplay experience that fuses elements of a dungeon crawler and RPG within a dark medieval fantasy setting. As a title in the “extraction” subgenre of battle royales, it integrates mechanics from diverse gaming realms including role-playing systems like Dungeons & Dragons, and multiplayer games such as DayZ.

In the game, players can choose from eight distinct character classes: barbarian, bard, cleric, fighter, rogue, ranger, warlock, and wizard. Each class comes with its own unique abilities and play styles, adding depth and variety to the gameplay.

The core of Dark and Darker revolves around PvPvE gameplay, where players not only face off against each other but also combat in-game monsters to gather valuable items. This dual-threat environment requires players to be constantly alert and strategically savvy.

As matches progress, the playable area constricts, compelling players into tighter spaces and more frequent encounters. This feature intensifies the game’s pace and heightens the sense of urgency and risk.

How To Play Dark and Darker

One of the game’s key mechanics is the risk-reward system of loot extraction. Players who survive a match have the opportunity to extract their loot, which can be used in future matches or potentially sold for in-game currency. However, dying in the game means losing all possessions and equipment, adding a significant stake to each foray into the dungeon.

Players can also engage in item exchanges, either using in-game currency or by trading valuable items they’ve found. This aspect of the game enhances its community and economic dynamics, allowing players to strategize not just in combat but in resource management and trading as well.

Overall, Dark and Darker presents a challenging and engaging blend of genres, offering players a dynamic and immersive experience that rewards skill, strategy, and collaboration. The game’s blend of class-based RPG elements, intense PvPvE combat, and the high stakes of extraction gameplay make it a standout title in the battle royale and dungeon crawler genres.

Group Sizes in Dark and Darker

In Dark and Darker, players form teams of up to three, including themselves, to venture into the game’s dungeons. This group size is consistent across all dungeons, regardless of their type or difficulty level.

This team structure emphasizes cooperative gameplay and strategy, as players must coordinate their efforts and roles effectively to overcome the challenges of the dungeons.

The limited group size also ensures that each player’s actions and decisions significantly impact the team’s success, fostering a more intimate and collaborative gaming experience.

Lobby Capacity in Dark and Darker

In Dark and Darker, while a single party consists of up to three players, the game’s design allows multiple parties to enter a dungeon simultaneously.

In a standard match, the game can accommodate up to six teams, leading to a total of eighteen players competing within the same dungeon. This setup creates a dynamic and challenging environment where teams must navigate not only the dungeon’s inherent dangers but also the strategies and actions of other player groups.

Additionally, for players seeking a more intense experience, the High-Roller map ups the ante. This particular map increases the lobby capacity, allowing up to twenty players to participate in the match.

This expansion in player count further intensifies the competitive aspect of the game, offering a more crowded and unpredictable battlefield where alliances, betrayals, and tactical decisions play even more crucial roles in determining the outcome of the match.

Dark And Darker System Requirements

To ensure a smooth gaming experience with Dark and Darker, players should meet the following system requirements:

  • Operating System: 64-bit Windows 7 or later.
  • RAM: Minimum of 8 GB.
  • VRAM: Minimum of 2 GB.

Updates and Changes

The latest playtest build of Dark and Darker is currently accessible for players eager to experience the game’s evolving dynamics. IRONMACE has scheduled the official full release of the game for later this year.

As the game continues its development journey, potential changes, including adjustments to the number of players allowed in a dungeon, could be implemented. However, it’s noteworthy that throughout the playtests conducted so far, the player count in dungeons has consistently been maintained, indicating a stable player experience.

This consistency suggests that IRONMACE is focused on refining the game while keeping core gameplay elements like player count steady during the testing phase.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was Dark and Darker released?

Dark and Darker is set for an initial release in Q4 of 2023.

How many people can be in a Dark and Darker lobby?

Up to eighteen players can be in a Dark and Darker match, with a maximum of six teams of three players each.

What happened to Dark and Darker?

Dark and Darker faced a lawsuit from Nexon, causing its temporary unavailability on Steam.

Is Dark and Darker coming back to Steam?

The return of Dark and Darker to Steam is uncertain due to the ongoing legal issues with Nexon.

Is Dark and Darker Free to Play?

Information about whether Dark and Darker will be free-to-play or not has not been officially confirmed.

Can you play Dark and Darker on PS5?

As of now, there’s no confirmation on the availability of Dark and Darker for PS5.

Can you play Dark and Darker on Xbox?

The availability of Dark and Darker on Xbox platforms has not been confirmed.

Can you play Dark and Darker on Switch?

There is no official statement regarding the release of Dark and Darker on Nintendo Switch.

Can you play Dark and Darker on PC?

Yes, Dark and Darker is developed for PC and has been available for playtesting on this platform.

Can you play Dark and Darker on Mac?

There is no official information about the compatibility of Dark and Darker with Mac systems.

Is Darker and Darker multiplayer?

Yes, Dark and Darker is a multiplayer game, focusing on team-based dungeon crawling.

How many players can form a team in Dark and Darker?

A team in Dark and Darker can consist of up to three players.

Can You Play Dark and Darker with only two players?

Yes, you can form a team with just two players in Dark and Darker.

Why did Dark and Darker get Cancelled?

Dark and Darker has not been cancelled but faced legal issues with Nexon, impacting its availability.

Is Dark and Darker no longer available?

Due to the lawsuit, Dark and Darker was temporarily unavailable on Steam.

Is Dark and Darker illegal?

Dark and Darker itself is not illegal, but it faced legal challenges from Nexon.

Is there PVP in Dark and Darker?

Yes, Dark and Darker features PvPvE gameplay.

Is Dark and Darker fun alone?

Playing Dark and Darker solo can be challenging but also enjoyable for those who like solo gaming experiences.

What is the best class for new players in Dark and Darker?

The best class for new players depends on individual playstyle preferences, but simpler classes like the fighter or ranger might be easier to start with.

Is Dark and Darker a Korean game?

Dark and Darker is developed by South Korean studio IRONMACE.

Is Dark and Darker a demanding game?

The game requires a system with 64-bit Windows 7 or later, 8 GB of RAM, and 2 GB of VRAM, suggesting moderate system requirements.

How do you win Dark and Darker?

Winning involves successfully navigating dungeons, defeating enemies, and extracting with valuable loot.

Are there hackers in Dark and Darker?

As with many online games, there’s a possibility of encountering hackers, but specific instances in Dark and Darker are not widely reported.

Who copyrighted Dark and Darker?

The copyright for Dark and Darker is held by its developer, IRONMACE.

Why did Nexon take down Dark and Darker?

Nexon filed a lawsuit against IRONMACE, leading to the temporary removal of Dark and Darker from Steam.

Why did Dark and Darker get copyrighted?

Copyright is a standard practice for protecting intellectual property and applies to all video games, including Dark and Darker.

How much does Dark and Darker cost?

The pricing for Dark and Darker has not been officially announced.

Is Dark and Darker similar to Tarkov?

Dark and Darker shares some gameplay elements with Tarkov, particularly in its extraction-style gameplay.

How many classes are in Dark and Darker?

Dark and Darker offers eight character classes: fighter, barbarian, rogue, ranger, wizard, cleric, bard, and warlock.

Where can I download Dark and Darker?

The download options for Dark and Darker will be made clear closer to its full release.

What is the Dark and Darker controversy?

The controversy involves a lawsuit filed by Nexon against IRONMACE, affecting the game’s availability.

Can you sell items in Dark and Darker?

In-game trading and selling of items is a feature in Dark and Darker.

Can you block in Dark and Darker?

Specific gameplay mechanics like blocking have not been detailed extensively.

Why is Dark and Darker popular?

Its unique blend of FPS, dungeon crawling, and multiplayer elements make it popular.

How do you get good at Dark and Darker PvP?

Practice, learning each class’s strengths, and understanding dungeon layouts are key.

Is XP shared in Dark and Darker?

Information about XP sharing in Dark and Darker is not clearly stated.

What is the strongest class in Dark and Darker?

The strongest class varies based on player skill and team dynamics.

What is the hardest class to play in Dark and Darker?

Classes like wizard or warlock might be challenging due to their complex mechanics.

What is the fastest class in Dark and Darker?

The rogue or ranger classes might offer more speed and agility.

How to survive Dark and Darker solo?

Stealth, strategic play, and careful engagement with enemies are key for solo survival.

Can you solo queue in Dark and Darker?

Yes, solo play is an option in Dark and Darker.

What is the best solo character in Dark and Darker?

Players prefer characters like ranger or rogue for solo play.

Is Dark and Darker dead?

Dark and Darker is not dead but faces challenges due to a legal dispute.


Dark and Darker, despite its ongoing challenges and absence from Steam, has demonstrated a strong presence in the gaming community. With playtest iterations attracting tens of thousands of players, its unique blend of FPS and dungeon crawling continues to draw interest.

The game’s fluctuating player count reflects the dynamic nature of online gaming, where events, updates, and community engagement significantly influence player participation.

As Dark and Darker navigates through its legal hurdles and approaches its full release, its potential to captivate a larger audience and solidify its place in the gaming world remains promising. This enthusiasm, mirrored in the game’s increasing playtest participation, highlights the anticipation and potential success awaiting IRONMACE’s ambitious venture.

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