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Folio 2.0 is the worlds first version control app built for designers. It let's design teams collaborate on their Photoshop, Illustrator & Sketch. It's built on Git the version control system designed by Linus Torvalds and an essential tool for developers around the world.

Folio unleashes the power of Git (which is mostly used from the command line) through a beautifull Mac application that is easy to use for designers and optimized for their workflow.

Our mission

Read all about why we’re doing this here: Building a better time machine


Version 2.0 of Folio for Mac is available today from


If you have any questions or want a coupon code for review purposes, please contact email us at


Download Folio Hero Screenshot

Intro movie

We made a quick introduction to managing versions with Folio available on YouTube:

Managing versions with Folio for Mac


To learn more about how to work with Folio please refer to our manual

Application Icon

Folio Icon - 512 or Folio Icon - 512x512 Retina

About us

Folio is build & designed in Amsterdam by Emiel van Liere & Hanno ten Hoor.